Passionate about software and business

Our Mission

We aim to become the leading IT service and solution provider for wide area of industries where we are distinguished based on the top qualities of our contributions.

Our Vision

We envision state of the industry where our IT services and solutions are smoothly integrated into business processes of our customers so they bring the most value.

Our story

Short History

Datomatics is founded to help businesses steer their digitalization journeys.

  1. Founded


    Datomatics is founded to help businesses in various industries to develop and deliver on their digitalization strategies.

  2. Finished the first 3 projects


    As times goes by, we are making partnerships and finishing IT projects. New partnership opportunities are arising.

  3. Created valuable partnership


    We became an official IT supplier of premium auto concern, thus expanding our capabilities in the automotive industry.

  4. The journey goes on ...


    ... and we are curious to see where it takes us!


You are in good company

Some of the companies which benefited from our services