Full Stack Software Development

We help our customers develop tailor-made applications and software systems which solve their problems and fit properly in their architecture. Our experience is mainly in full stack software development in the area of enterprise software systems. We help you also with integration of ERP systems and other off-the-shelf products in your architecture.

Software Architecture

It is of great importance to have appropriate software architecture to your context. We have experienced and certified experts in the area of software and enterprise architecture who can help you create and evolve foundations of your application landscape. Our extensive hands-on technical expertise will ensure that your architecture succeeds in reality, not just on slides.

Data Consulting

We help you extract knowledge out of your data. Expertise in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and data visualization is one of our core strengths. We will help you apply state of the art techniques to solve your particular problems. You should also leverage our extensive data modeling and data integration expertise.

Cloud Computing

If your business isn’t tapping into the benefits of the cloud yet, we can help. No matter if you evaluate Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform Datomatics is qualified to assess your business’s cloud readiness and determine which cloud IT solutions support your goals most effectively. Let us help you to set up your modern and flexible infrastructure.


Roll out is just the beginning of the software life. Ensuring that services remain up and running requires special expertise. We know what it takes to handle your applications in production environment and to ensure it scales as your business grows. In addition to development of your applications, we offer you to be also responsible for operating them.

Mobile Develoment

We live in a mobile first world. We understand how various screen sizes, network limitations, battery consumption and other constraints pose challenges on development of mobile applications. Development of native iOS and Android applications as well as development of responsive web applications which fit well on all screens sizes is more than familiar to us.


Work with us!

We can partner in various ways. You want to outsource technology operations? We are there for you. You need a manpower? We can offer you our experts on time and material basis. You want to work with a Europe based nearshore team? No problem.

How it works